Sunday, February 19, 2006

Brian Bosma


For the story, go here- Jews- The 2% Solution


Blogger dhonig said...

People responded to this story, and they responded in droves. Apparently, the e-mail was so overwhelming that Bosma felt he had to respond, and yesterday he apologized to the Jewish Community in a personal meeting with leaders, and on the 6 O'Clock news.

Well, lots of people asked if he was being challenged, and how to help. I'm thrilled to announce that he is being challenged, and by the President of the Hamilton County Democrats, Susan Fuldauer. She just announced this weekend and is still getting her website off the ground. If you want to help, here's some information:

Contributions can be made to the following:
Committee to Elect Susan Fuldauer, 6284 Rucker Rd., Suite A, Indpls., IN 46220

Vote Susan should be up and running and have some additional methods for contribution working by next week.

Thanks again to everybody for all the responses. They seemed to make a difference.

I will post this in responses in each diary, but they scroll away pretty quickly.

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